Welcome to North Royalton, Ohio. 

North Royalton is a small community located due south of Cleveland, Ohio.  It is a fine community with friendly people and an excellent public education system. 

The North Royalton Baseball Boosters are a great group of folks who administer and manage the travel and recreation teams/leagues. 

The North Royalton High School Marching Band is one of the finest institutions in the State of Ohio, amassing a plethora of awards over the past thirty years. The band is directed by Mr. David Vitale and has approximately 280 student members.

Royal Lunch,  located on the south side of Ohio state route 82 (Royalton, Rd.) approximately 1/4 mile west of the intersection with Ohio state route 94 (State Rd.) is a nice place to enjoy breakfast. The owner is a very nice lady and the employees are all very nice as well.

If you are planning a trip to North Royalton for a high school footbal game, the stadium is located on the south side of Ohio state route 82 (Royalton, Rd.) approximately 1/2 mile west of Ohio state route 94 (State, Rd.) , or 1/4 mile east of Ohio state route 3 (Ridge Rd.).

If you would like to take your child sledding there is a small hill located at the soccer fields on Wallings Rd.  across from the Cuyahoga County Library.

Towne Tavern is a nice establishment if you are looking to enjoy an adult beverage. It is located on the west side of State Rd just south of Wallings Rd.  They have good food and a nice pleasant atmosphere. There is a bowling machine in there as well as a pool table. The bowling machine is one of the good ones that utilizes a real ball as opposed to the less realistic "puck" machines. Additionally, there is also a bowling league there that you can join.

Discount Drug Mart has a good delicatessen and can save you the run around.  Located at the Northwest corner of State and Wallings Rd.

When heading west on Ohio state route 82 (Royalton, Rd.) just west of Bennett Rd, shift your vehicle into low gear to save your brakes as there is a 12 percent grade there which has no warning sign.

If you are interested in seeing a World War 2 tank, head north on York Rd from Ohio state route 82 and travel a few miles. You will see it on the right side of the road at the VFW hall.

If you need to renew your license plates, purchase flooring, or buy meat, the place to go is the shopping plaza at the intersection of Royalwood and State roads. The parking lot is very pleasant. Also, you may be able to purchase jewelry as well!

Need a haircut? Visit Vince's Barber Shop located on State Rd. just north of Wallings Rd. on the right side just past the Yamaha dealership. Vince is a good guy and always takes his time on your hair - regardless of how busy he is.  Also, there is a great selection of magazines in there!

There is a dangerous intersection where Bunker Rd ends at Ridge Rd. You will understand why this warning has been posted after you have had the pleasure of experiencing it. It is especially bad when turning left on to Bunker Rd. from Ridge Rd.  Take it slow!

If you are a geocacher, don't look in the cemetary on Royalton Rd. for the cache.  You have been warned.

Unfortunately, Luchita's mexican restaurant at the corner of Ridge and Pleasant Valley roads has ceased operations, so no more of their great salsa in the area.  A new establishment has opened at that location, however the salsa has not been tasted by the editor of this site.


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